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About us

The BIODIAGRAM s.r.l is a young company founded in 1998 in order to meet the needs of the market in relation to consumer products primary diagnostic medical equipment such as electrocardiographs , cardiotocographs , Electroencephalographs , Exercise Testing and Analysis Laboratory equipment . In 2008 , after taking all the necessary know-how and all certifications , has started the production program of diagram paper quickly becoming a national and international point of reference in the field having a catalog of more than 100 articles.
In 2011 , to complete the range of products was launched the process of production of Ultrasound Gel and ECG , and similar equipment for Ultrasound also a product of thermal paper Photographic compatible for printing images with most of the present Videoprinters on the market.
The BIODIAGRAM s.r.l possesses in addition to the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 UNI EN ISO 13485:2012 also pursuing a natural orientation to continuous improvement . this Warranty to our customers which focus on the sector of medical devices, also with respect to the medical device is provided with regular Product certification CE Marking Act .
By virtue of the above, the Ns . operating system provides a careful examination and rigorous procedures for production and marketing of their products , all in a modern factory of 1,500 square meters with 750 sqm of office space and 750 sqm of industrial and warehousing logistics.
Our catalog includes the most varied formats of cards in rolls and packages Electromedical equipment , such as ECG , EEG, CTG , audiometers , Impedenziometri , Rinomanometri , autoclaves and more.
Production technologies are the most innovative in the industry , guaranteeing the best quality / price ratio on the market and also Our graphics department is able to meet any such intervention customization affixing logos, trademarks , names, corporate advertising and quant ' another can be made upon special request of customers.
Particular attention is to the bodies of the Public Administrations through telephone technical support pre-and post -sales available to all interested parties to know in detail the characteristics of the products.

Our Team

Sig. Gaetano Maiello
Founder, CEO
Sales Rapresentative

Sig. Castello Antonio
Founder, CEO
Purchases Manager

Sig. Formisano Ciro
Founder, CEO
Quality Assurance

Sig.a Iorio Antonella
Administration Department
Customer Management

Sig.a Santella Carmen
Administration Department
Customer Management Export

Sig. Todaro Nicola
Productions & Stores Dep.
Production Managment

Sig.a Di Nunzio Anna
Administration Department
Financial Department

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